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Eye Exams for Contact Lenses

young woman contact lens fittingMany people love the quality eyesight and convenience of contact lenses. However, all contact lenses are not the same. Your contacts need to give crisp vision and promote healthy eyes. Only a professional contact lens eye exam and fitting can determine which specific type is best for you! If you’re interested in enjoying all the advantages of contacts, our eye doctors at Miller Vision Specialties will measure your eyes and fit you with the ideal lenses for your personal condition. Contact us to schedule an appointment in our Greensboro, NC, office today!

Expert Contact Lens Fitting

When we take a look at your eyes to determine which contact lenses to advise, our exam is much more detailed than a basic vision test. In addition to determining your vision prescription for contact lenses, our Greensboro optometrists will inspect your eyes to diagnose or rule out any pre-existing issues. We’ll perform this comprehensive eye exam with high-tech diagnostics and a lot of personalized attention for any ocular issues that you may be experienced.

Consultation for Contact Lenses

After your eye exam shows that you’re a good candidate for contacts, we’ll want to hear about your lifestyle needs and visual expectations. We encourage our patients to ask questions – an educated patient is a satisfied one, and we aim to satisfy you with helpful answers. Our optometrists will also give a basic explanation of the pros and cons of different contact lens options.

Before you meet with us in our Greensboro clinic, here are some issues to consider:

  • How often do you want to replace your contacts? Daily or monthly?
  • Do you want to wear lenses on a daily basis, or only for special activities (eg: sports) and occasions?
  • Do you want rigid, gas permeable or soft contacts? Nowadays, soft lenses are more popular, yet hard contacts have particular advantages.
  • Do you want to change the color of your eyes?
  • If you have presbyopia, do you want multifocal lenses?

After we’ve examined your eyes thoroughly and we’ve discussed your requirements together, it’s time to measure your eyes as part of our professional contact lens fitting. Just as people come in all sizes, so do eyes. A number of corneal variations exist, and our eye doctor will take precise measurements of your eyes, with the help of a keratometer. To prescribe the perfect contact lenses, we’ll assess your corneal curvature, pupil size and iris size, as well as evaluate the lubrication in your tears.

Time to Try On Your Lenses!

putting in contact lens greensboroOften, the most efficient way to decide upon the best contacts is through trial lenses. After we have all the information needed to prescribe lenses, we’ll make our recommendation. We’ll instruct you on the proper insertion of these lenses, and then we’ll check how they sit and move on your eye. Your feedback about how the lenses feel is an important part of this assessment! After a 15-minute trial, we’ll be able to provide you with a prescription. You’ll also receive a full set of guidelines about how long to wear your lenses, especially at the beginning, with instructions on proper care, disinfecting and handling.

Your contact lens prescription will include:

  • Lens diameter
  • Base curve (lens curvature)
  • Manufacturer and brand-name of lenses
  • Power of each lens

Follow-up Care in Greensboro

In our Greensboro optometry practice we believe strongly in the importance of follow-up evaluations of your contact lenses. This is the only way for our eye doctors to keep watch on the health of your eyes, quality of your vision and condition of the contact lenses. If we detect any problems, we may advise a change in your regimen or in the type of contact lens you’re wearing. After your first return visit, you’ll need to come back for annual check-ups to ensure that nothing has changed.

For more information about contact lenses and to get started with wearing contacts, call our eye doctors at Miller Vision Specialties to reserve your appointment today. We’re waiting to fit you with the perfect lenses in our Greensboro clinic!