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Pediatric Vision and Learning Disorders

Greensboro, NC Pediatric Vision Therapy

What is the connection between Pediatric Vision and Learning Disorders?

Pediatric eyesight involves much more than sharp visual acuity. While your eyes are a window to seeing the surrounding world, it’s really your brain that processes all of the images and distances that you view. When your child’s visual processing skills are weak, the whole process of learning becomes more challenging. Early detection of a pediatric vision problem is critical to your child’s brain development and educational success.

At Miller Vision Specialties, we offer comprehensive testing and care for your child’s eyes and vision. In our centrally located Greensboro, NC, office, we are equipped with state-of-the-art technology for early and accurate diagnoses of vision problems. Serving patients from Greensboro and the surrounding areas of Burlington, Jamestown, and the North Carolina State University (NCSU) campus, Dr. Steven Miller provides a full range of pediatric vision services, including Vision Therapy to help treat and prevent vision related learning disabilities.

The following behaviors are associated with a pediatric vision-related learning problem:

  • Inability to focus on a task for any extended period of time
  • Despite intelligence, reading is an enormous struggle that’s very tiring and causes frequent frustration
  • Always losing the place, skipping text and words
  • Weak reading comprehension
  • Difficulty copying information from a book or board; extremely sloppy handwriting
  • Confusing and reversing numbers, letters and words
  • Disorganized when reviewing any visual information
  • Cannot retain proper spelling
  • Diagnosis of ADD, ADHD, dyslexia or LD (learning disabilities), and medication has not been effective at improving academic performance

If your child is experiencing any of these problems, please contact Dr. Miller for a consultation in our Greensboro, NC, office. We will meet with you and your child and perform the appropriate assessments to determine the most helpful treatment and/or Vision Therapy sessions.

Vision Problems that Impact Learning

  • Crossed eyes, “turned” eye or lazy” eye
  • Trouble with eye movement and eye teaming
  • Difficulty focusing and changing focus from near to far and back again
  • Visual/perceptual weakness
  • Eye tracking problems

Binocular Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy has demonstrated incredible success with developing parts of the brain that are associated with the visual system. Short-term therapy regimens are based on the use of specialized techniques and tools, as well as doing visual exercises at home. Patient (and parent) cooperation is therefore very significant. Many vision problems that cannot be resolved with eyeglasses or contact lenses alone respond well to vision therapy.

We provide advanced Vision Therapy sessions for children and adults in our Greensboro, NC, clinic. Our qualified, experienced staff at Miller Vision Specialties will personalize each goal-oriented program to help treat your child’s specific visual needs.

Far-Reaching Effects of Vision-related Learning Problems

Keep in mind that vision-related learning problems affect much more than classroom grades. Poor visual capabilities may also influence your child’s success at building with blocks or playing sports. Simple life skills, such as sorting clothing or memorizing phone numbers can become very challenging. Eyestrain and headaches may also result and get in the way of normal activities. As your child becomes discouraged by so many childhood pastimes, it is also common for them to suffer from low self-esteem and withdraw socially.

By diagnosing and treating your child’s vision condition, Dr.Miller will help restore self-confidence and positive well-being to many aspects of your child’s daily life! Call our Greensboro, NC, office today to book an appointment for your child with Dr. Steven Miller.

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